Our Malamutes do heavy work with us side by side. We live in a national forest in Oregon and burn wood for our heat. Our dogs help us to haul heavy loads of firewood to be loaded into a truck. In some areas you can not get a motor Vehicle in, so our Malamutes move the wood for us to the truck to be loaded and hauled home. These photo's were taken on 1-15-2013 and the two Malamutes are our boys Nemo and Arrluk. They are doing what they were Bred to Do.
It Matters to us that our Alaskan Malamute puppies look and work like our Adults. We breed to Improve the future generations and it shows in our puppies we are producing. We want to Thank the Wonderful People who have joined us in sharing the Love of a Our Malamutes here at Windwalker. The Alaskan Malamute puppies we have produced are already proving that all we do, works.
​We don't have pages and pages of past puppies because we only breed 1 or 2 litters a year, and we do it to Improve our own bloodlines and the Abilities of our dogs, as well as the work they do with us.
​We are proud of what our Alaskan Malamutes can do, and they are good examples of what the Alaskan Malamutes was Bred to be.
​Thanks for looking and enjoy our site, It is our tribute to the Alaskan Malamute Breed and all they can do
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We are Alaskan Malamute Trainers and breeders Located  in Western Oregon. We are dedicated to making sure that our Alaskan Malamutes  have many experiences i.e. Carting, Sledding, swimming, hiking, scootering, jumping, and just plain being part of who we are. We live in a  Alaskan Malamute Paradise, where our dogs can do everything that we do, and do it just walking out our back Gate. We love to take them to places here in Oregon where they can test themselves, as well as push themselves to the max ( if they like ). We take them out for play, so that they can build muscle tone and endurance that working in a controlled training environment can not do. Combining  our training and what they experience during  their own play, we feel by giving them this type of life they learn so much more then just Love and Companionship alone will ever do.  Alaskan Malamutes are hard working and Athletic dogs, who enjoy a challenge.
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At Windwalker Malamutes, we are dedicated to the idea's of keeping the customs of this wonderful breed's  heritage alive. We play hard and Work hard with our Malamutes so they learn and maintain the heritage that they were bred for. The Alaskan Malamutes is a Working breed and they were bred to do heavy pulling in some of the harshest climates known to man. Though Oregon is not Alaska, we have conditions here that test our dogs so that they can maintain their heritage. Though they may look cute and soft as babies they are hardworking, hard playing companions that never fail to amaze us.
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