Click on this Picture to see Cooper working
My Daughter Autum and Coop
Cooper 7 weeks
Back Packing with Cooper on Warm Springs Trail.
Playing with the Sled, Not much snow
Cooper 2 years
WindWalkers Cooper
             of Kodiak
Cooper is My Lead. He is One of the Best Working Malamutes Alive today. At Just 2 years of Age He has Learned Faster and more, in two years then any other Dog I have trained in my 30 years of Dog Training. Thank you Lisa Humphrey of Tennessee Malamutes for this Amazing Boy.
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April 27 2011
Made it to the Lake 2 1/2 miles in
Walking with Mom on Larson Trail 5-11
The Trees are Very Large on this Trail
Cooper 4/11
Cooper is not Just a Pretty Face, He is also a Working Malamute
This is his View
Come On MOM I am Carring the Pack
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11 weeks
Cooper And I up at Wickiup Lake
Wanna Play Ball
OFF Leash and Free At Davis Lake
June 2001
JULY 8 2011
July 13th 2011
7 wks

Windwalkers Cooper of Kodiak
              *Super Coop*