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At Windwalker Malamutes, we are dedicated to the idea's of keeping the customs of this wonderful breed's  heritage alive. We play hard and Work hard with our Malamutes so they learn and maintain the heritage that they were bred for. The Alaskan Malamutes is a Working breed and they were bred to do heavy pulling in some of the harshest climates known to man. Though Oregon is not Alaska or the arctic, we have conditions here that test our dogs, so that they can maintain their heritage. Though they may look cute and soft as babies, they are hardworking, hard playing companions, that never fail to amaze us.
​Thank you for looking at our site and at our Alaskan Malamutes and it is our hope that you have a great experience while you are visiting. Please stop by often, as  this site is always under construction .                              
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It doesn't matter if we are Hiking the Dry dusty trails in the summer months, or we are carting or sledding the trails in the winter months. Our Alaskan Malamutes live and work as a team with us in all Weather and conditions. They enjoy days of play and freedom that we have been told is not typical of the breed-  playing off lead, with freedom to do as they please ( including go off on their own or chase other animal, if they so chose- which they never do ) They stay together and stay with us while we hike. We are very proud of our Crew and they know it.
When we take a vacation the crew goes with us. The Oregon dunes is a place we go every year as a family, and all of our dogs go with us. They love the sand and it is a great workout for them and for us.
 Kind Gentle, and  intelligent. " A' picture is worth a thousand words " 
Hiking with 17on 5-1-16
Working is just as important to these guys as playing. They were bred to do a job and they Love their work. Alaskan Malamutes are the Work horse of the Arctic breeds. They were not meant to go fast, but to pull heavy loads in the harshest climate imaginable.  We pull the ATV's, Carts and Sleds with the crew and they Love it all.
Working hand and Foot with our dogs
Our puppies grow up to be good working dogs, and Loving companions
 Bringing in Firewood is one of the jobs our dogs help us with
Hiking with 17
Mary Cole Days Parade 
Working is what the Malamute was Bred to do. They are Strong, willing, hard working dogs, that Love their Jobs.

​​We have been invited to several parades this year and have had a wonderful time attending them. This year we will be building a custom Covered wagon for future parades. These photo's were take at the Mary Cole Days Parade in Marcola Oregon 

​​Looking at the photo from left to right - The member are : Cooper, Taki and Laku.
These Photo's were taken in the Oakridge Parade
Hiking with Brody and 17 of the crew. Though he is only 4 years old, the crew knows they have to be careful when hiking with him. They all take turns keeping a watchful eye on him as we head up the trail.
Hiking Sacandaga trail with Brody and 17
They walk with me everywhere
ALASKAN MALAMUTES on the Oregon Dunes
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Hiking starts Early around here, for both 2 and 4 legged critters :)
       Our Puppies are the Future, and We love what we see for Our Next Generation 
                  ALASKAN MALMAUTES spending time on the trail.
While hiking with a large group, we hike in remote area's that are safe for the dogs. They are around wild life and other hikers and and just hike right on by. We have hiked with the dogs this way for 11 years and when we leave with 22- we come home with 22​
The views are amazing
it doesnt matter if they are in the Woods or in the Sand they hike as a group.
​Love being with them anywhere we go.​
The Alaskan Malamutes of Windwalker
Winter or summer they love their jobs
Brody with Laku and his Grandson Shak
Training here begins early- baby Hope and Shaktoolik learning to cart. No weight and very brief lessons for the first 6 months. The first months of a puppies life are crucial to their abilities when they are grown.
Alaskan Malamutes can be Very large dogs
Spending the day with 17 .
Four Generations of Explores 
Home of the

  Contact us ​541-915-3876​
These are Artwork
Working is by nature is in their blood
Pulling the ATV helps with training, these dogs are large and very powerful
All of our dogs are AKC Registered 
6 generations of wonderful temperaments & Health
  <---- 4 generations of healthy beautiful Alaskan Malamutes ---->

We have dedicated our lives to training and raising these beautiful dogs. The Alaskan Malamute is a dog with Heart that is built to work and play hard. If a picture is worth a thousand word then this site, which is dedicated to the life we share with them and who they are.. is a million words.
While you are visiting our site, please look at all of the ​time and Love we share with our dogs. We love educating people about the breed and are very proud of our 6 generations of healthy Beautiful Alaskan Malamutes