Windwalkers White Winter Willow Yanena Echo
             Sire:   NEMO                   Dam:    NYIA
                                   July 2010
Sire: NEMO                          DAM: NYIA
                       July    2010
             ( white Sun )
Sire: Nemo                        Dam:Nyia
                     July 2010
Nena Lives here at Windwalker, so I have many photo's of her.
Bella Lives with the Wilson Family in Louisiana.
Misae' Lives with the Fransis Family in Florida
Puppies Born here at  Windwalker
Nemo/Nyia Litter July 2010
Sire: Nemo                                    Dam: Nyia
                              July 2010
                 Sire:Nemo          Dam: Nyia
Kodiak Lives in Washington State, with the Perry Family. 
        Sire: Nemo                          Dam: NYIA
ABBI Lives in Tennessee, with the Humphey Family
Blossom and Nemo had a Great Litter in 2011
             Nemo and Blossom 2011
        he is Co-owned with our Daughter
Taki Lives here with us here at Windwalker and is Being Trained for Carting.
Sadie is Living in California with Evan and his Family.
Elias Lives in Washington State with the Paul Family.
Satteria (HAPPY) is now living with Boa and his Family in Massachusetts
Georgia Blue is Living with the Tori Family here in Oregon and is Co-owned with Windwalker Malamutes.
Akiva is Living in Washington State with the Jagan Family
NYIA~N~COOPER 2011 Litter
To see the most current photo's of them, Click on the photo of the puppy you want to see, and the link will take you to their Page and most the current photo's of them.
Click on the Photo and the link will take you to the most current photo's of each dog.
2012 litter
Rocco              NemoXBlossom     2012
               Roanne and Alek So.Calif